Vaccination and Immunity proof and a National Police check

Vaccination and Immunity requirements

To ensure your safety during the course and  your future employment in the health industry we advise that all students be vaccinated against Hepatitis B. Please read the following vaccination advice.

Students and workers may be exposed to, and transmit vaccine-preventable diseases. Receiving and maintaining appropriate vaccination before exposure to the disease can reduce the likelihood of transmission.

All healthcare workers  are required to be able to provide evidence of protection according to the following table. Acceptable evidence of protection includes a written record of vaccination signed by the provider and/or serological confirmation of protection. This does not include a statutory declaration. If vaccination is undertaken, workers must ensure their health records are updated. If vaccination is advised and refused, this must be documented, together with the reason for refusal.

All workers “at risk” are to have Tuberculin skin test (TST) on employment, two yearly testing and on exit from employment.

Infectious diseases Acceptable evidence to demonstrate protection
Influenza Vaccination on an annual basis is recommended and offered.
Hepatitis B Documented evidence of a completed, age appropriate, course of hepatitis B vaccine and documented evidence of anti-HBs ” 10mIU/mL; or documented evidence of past hepatitis B infection (anti-HBc).
Six weeks after you have had your last Hep B vaccination, you must have a blood test to confirm you have developed Hepatitis B antibodies – (Hep B s Ab). Send a copy of the result to the relevant manager as proof of your vaccination status.
Documented evidence of dose of adult dTpa vaccine
Birth date before 1966; or documented evidence of 2 doses of Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine at least one month apart; or documented evidence of positive IgG for MMR.
Varicella History of chickenpox; or documentation of physician diagnosed shingles; or documented evidence of a positive varicella IgG; or documented evidence of age appropriate varicella vaccination.


Healthcare workers who have no evidence of protection against specified infectious diseases are to be vaccinated against specified infectious diseases by their own doctor.

All students are required to be vaccinated by their own doctor against Hepatitis B prior to commencement of the practical component of venous collections and work placement.

National Police check

As of the 1st July 2019 all students are recommended to obtain a National Police Certificate prior to attending work placement.

Please follow this link to secure the online application: