USI Requirements

All students applying at Southern.IML Pathology must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This information needs to be entered on the application form prior to enrolment.

What is a USI?

USI is an individual identifying number that gives you a record of all VET training undertaken in Australia since 2015. It is a centralised system that takes the stress away from losing or misplacing any transcripts or certificates you have obtained. It allows students to provide evidence of your studies when you apply for a job or undertake further study.

If you don’t already have a USI you can create one by visiting

You can also visit this website to find your USI or check to see if you already have one.

Note* If you are wanting to use your USI transcript as credit transfer evidence you will need to give Southern.IML Pathology permission to view your records, this can be done when creating your USI. Alternatively you can log in to your account and allow permission.